Calvin Broadus & The Invasion of the Jeff Goldblums

Posted March 2nd, 2010 by Nuv in Music

He’s tall, weird, stoned and oddly hypnotizing when he speaks. No, not Jeff Goldblum! Snoop Dogg. And, thanks to Live Nation, Spectrum, Gman and Rizk, he is billowing into The Commodore Ballroom this Sunday, March 7th, 2010.

He is responsible for one of the quickest rises to power and one of the greatest stretches of West Coast hip hop ever. From his debut on the song Deep Cover (aka 187), through the ultimate 1-2 punch that was Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ and his own ‘Doggystyle’, to the ‘Murder Was The Case’ soundtrack and the first Dogg Pound album. Now that’s a fucking run! What’s that? Oh. You want to know where to find the song Deep Cover? It’s on the soundtrack of the same name. For a movie that stars the drug dealer from The Matrix and…hey, wait a minute…him again?!

Snoop is one of the heirs apparent to Slick Rick. NaS got the storytelling, Ghostface took the fashion sense, and D-O-double G got the buttery voice and flow. You want proof? Check out his cover of Rick’s classic La Di Da Di, drastically renamed Lodi Dodi. Not very many can claim to cover a legendary song like that and have their version stand up to the original. It helps that he’s so charismatic that he’ll have you smiling and rapping along with him even as he’s threatening you. Kind of a rap version of your older brother making you punch yourself. A legend, he came up in the shadow of N.W.A. and now stands alongside them as one of the elder statesmen of the West Coast.

If after all that you still need to be convinced to attend a legend’s show in one of the best venues in existence:

a) You don’t like rap, weed or scantily clad women that like rap and/or weed. [You do know that earth girls are easy right?] Get the hell out of my article, Goldblum!

b) You’re Suge Knight.

c) You’re Vern Fonk, and you have to make a commercial guerilla-style and it’ll be easier to do that night because everyone else will be at the show.

d) You’re a crazy old woman with 37 cats and a wandering, different coloured eye that puts curses on people and made prior plans to chase cars and drink Pine-Sol. (I’m on to you, Margot Kidder!)

If you don’t fit into any of the above categories, you have no excuse. Go buy a ticket already! Just click here, Cheech.
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Sunday, March 7 @ The Commodore Ballroom