Ian Explosivo / Review 2 A Kill
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      DC Wraps Their Comics In Kickass With Themed Cover Months

    • Pax Americana

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      Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely Watch The Men The Watchmen Watched

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      Ian’s Top Ten Comics That Didn’t Suck Last Year

    • New Hopes

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      Ian Pulls His Head Out Of His Sandhole To Tell You What’s What In Dope Comics

    • Head-on Collision

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      Collider: Sci-Fi That Defies The Laws Of Physics

    • Great Scott!

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      Scott Snyder = Dope Comics

    • Speeding Bullets

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      The Return Of Joe Mad! The True Lives Of The Killjoys! God Of Thunder! God Of Beards! This One Has EVERYTHING!

    • Massive Wood

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      Ian’s Wee General Stands At Attention For Brian Wood’s ‘The Massive’

    • Addicted To Asgard

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      Ian Pops A Double Rainbow Bridge In His Pants For ‘Journey Into Mystery’

    • The Newest Hope

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      Ian Succumbs To The Dark (Horse) Side Of The Force